Chef Miguel Bértolo

Chef Miguel Bértolo



Since 2018

Chirashi's options are easily confused with poké bowls, but unlike those that come from Hawaii, the Alvalade's bowls new restaurant are of Japanese origin. After Telheiras, the brand opened a second space in Lisbon. "

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Since 2016

"Chirashi is a traditional Japanese Sushi dish, with artistically sliced fish on a vinegar-based rice base. And now it's also the name of the new sushi spot in Telheiras, with a new sushi concept ... How? just see to believe

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Desde 2011 até 2018

"Here cooking techniques intersect through ideas coming from Japan and matured in the hands of the chef," on the Bértolo side the letter changed to approach the author's kitchen, with hot and combined dishes of various elements on the same plate to simulate meals Asian countries. The menu is divided into nine combinations in three sections: unlikely, sushi / sashimi and hot.

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De 2006 a 2011

Where "everything started", it was here that the project was born and developed, a house with all the glamor of Lisbon's Gothic architecture. "... well hidden in a street by the Lisbon Cathedral, but that did not stop it from being one of the best sushi restaurants in the city.

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