Chef Miguel Bértolo


ACPP (Association of Professional Cooks of Portugal, WACS affiliate), recognized and certified by IEFP and DGERT TCSW (Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku), recognized and certified by Japanese Teaching

After the success of 12 editions of the ACPP Professional Sushi Course, we are proud to present and pioneer in Europe to receive certified training in Washoku - Traditional Japanese Food, recognized since 2013 as Intangible Heritage of Humanity and unmistakable symbol of Japanese culture, developed program of the unprecedented partnership with Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku® in Tokyo.

Technical Coordinators: Chef Miguel Bértolo and Chef Tetsuya Hasegawa
Pedagogical Coordinator: Dr. Maria João Caldeira and Dr. Masaru Watanabe

Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Course

It consists of 2 Modules in a total of 304 hours, focused to develop the skills of professionals in traditional Japanese cuisine and Sushi, opening the opportunity to obtain Diplomas recognized worldwide and certified by Japanese teaching.

Option of separate modules, Module I = 150 hours + Module II = 154 hours; in the 2nd Module subject to admission proof

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Sushi and Street Food Training

It consists of a compact and intensive module of 156 hours, where we demonstrate a transversal and essential formula to Japanese Cuisine & Street food.

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Japan Special Module

We offer the opportunity to obtain training in Japan and to have direct contact with Japanese culture during a 1 week trip, taught at Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku (Tokyo).

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Training and Consultancy Services:


1 - Diagnostic and Mystery Client - Evaluation of existing structure

2 - Definition of concept - Mission

3 - Employment and Technical Data Sheets - Product Development and Management Supplier

4 - Planning of kitchen - Organization of Production area and services Optimization

5 - Specialized training - HR requalification and training Tailor-made

6 - Consulting (semester)